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Posts written by Neil Bernardi, Vice President of Winemaking  and many special guest bloggers. This collection of insights on winemaking, farming, entertaining and more is a great way to learn about the excitement of winery life and tips for enjoying the wines we produce.

Contributor: Rufus Teague

5 Tips for Successful Grilling

Pour a nice glass of Decoy Merlot and begin creating some amazing barbecue. And just to be sure, use a few of these tried-and-true learnings for getting the most out of every meat-making endeavor.

  1. When using a dry rub or seasoning, first pat the meat dry, then add a light coat of vegetable oil to give that rub something to stick to. This keeps the flavor locked-on and helps create  sear marks.
  2. Create a hot side (directly over fire) and a cooler side (indirect heat) to your grill. Use the hot side to quickly sear and lock in the moisture of whatever you’re cooking, then move to the side that has indirect heat to finish.  
  3. Using a thick, rich, high-quality BBQ sauce (like Rufus Teague) will keep that smoky, sweet flavor stuck to the food and not running off into the fire. It’s a proven fact that sauce tastes better on meat than on charcoal.
  4. For extra-sticky deliciousness, add the BBQ sauce to meat about 3/4 way through the cook. This will give the sauce time to add great flavor and become deliciously caramelized. 
  5. Always let meat rest before cutting into it. As soon as your goodies come off the grill, cover loosely with foil for 5-8 minutes. Longer if full cuts like brisket, roasts, whole chickens, etc. This will create a much juicier finished product. 
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