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The Marketing Team
November 28, 2022 | The Marketing Team

Wine Gifting Guide: How to Choose the Right Wine

Wine Gifting Guide: How to Choose the Right Wine

Wine Gifting Guide:
How to Choose the Right Wine

Wine makes the best gift. Wine is an experience; its complete sensory characteristics can remind us of beautiful memories and help to create new ones. Great wine is made to be shared, making it practically synonymous with celebration.

Why Give Wine as a Gift?

Giving wine is personal yet universally prized among wine lovers.

A bottle of wine can speak volumes to both the gift giver and the recipient. The wine’s defining factors tell a story that goes beyond the glass. Its varietal, region, vintage and presentation are all a part of the gift — each of these characteristics should be considered when choosing a wine for your gift recipient.

Plus, wine is always in style— timeless and classic yet relevant to the present time, moment and place.

How to Choose the Right Wine

Here are a few helpful tips to consider when gifting wine:

  1. Make it personal: who is receiving the gift?
    Take a moment to think about the recipient and who they are, their preferences, and what they enjoy. Think of this as an opportunity to share a gift you know they will love because you already know their likes or offer a moment of delight to help them discover something new. Either way, knowing their taste preferences will be helpful. For example: do they prefer reds over white or sweet wines over dry ones? If you’re unsure what they like, The Little Ducklings Half-Bottle Gift Set offers six half-bottles to help them explore and discover their favorites.
  2. Context matters: what’s the gift occasion and time of year?
    Let the season guide your decision. Warmer months lend themselves to lighter wines like White Wines and Rosé, while cooler months encourage heartier, full-bodied Red Wines like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Whether this is a client gift, a gift for a friend’s birthday, or a once-in-a-lifetime moment, the reason for the celebration and the seasonality of the occasion should also be part of the essential considerations.
  3. Size up the situation: is this a small or a large celebration?
    If you’re giving directly to the individual, the standard 750ml bottle is excellent and makes a beautiful gift. If you’re bringing the gift bottle to a larger party, consider a magnum bottle like The Discussion 1.5L Gift Set.
  4. The best gifts present well, so how should you gift wrap or send wine?
    Presentation is an added touchpoint that makes the gift sing. Our Wine Gift Boxes make a quick, impactful addition and create the perfect gift for every wine lover. When sending wine, contact our Customer Service Team, and we’ll help you navigate shipping details and best practices.

What is a Good Wine to Gift?

There’s a wine for every occasion. From wedding anniversaries and work milestones to hostess gifts and holidays, give gifts with meaning and gift luxury from The Duckhorn Portfolio.

Our Top Gift Picks

For a Birthday
Go with a classic Pinot, plus a pop of pink with bubbles for extra festivity.
The Goldeneye Celebration Set

For a Wedding, Anniversary or Engagement
For new unions and lasting traditions, a significant milestone calls for a major celebration with one of our best red wine gift sets.
Pinnacle of the Portfolio

For a Work Celebration
Set the stage for a well-deserved toast! The etched message on the bottle says it all: “Cheers!” This custom message makes this one of the best sparkling wine gifts!
Decoy Brut Cuvee Sparkling Wine

Holiday Wines
Make a lasting impression with a custom message. Just add an elegant gift box for instant presentation points!
2020 Duckhorn Vineyards Napa Valley Merlot Etched Happy Holidays

Gift a holiday classic - Cabernet Sauvignon - with the versatility of this curated trio.
A Cabernet Christmas Gift Set

For Everyday Special Moments Worth Celebrating
A refined gift with two exceptional wines— one of the best red and white wine gift sets!
Migration Sonoma Coast Gift Set


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