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Cardiff Scott-Robinson
March 3, 2021 | Cardiff Scott-Robinson

What is a Red Blend

Blending a red wine

The concept of a Red Blend can be a little confusing for someone new to wine. Is it synonymous with all Red Wine? What makes a wine a Red Blend? Luckily our resident expert, Paraduxx Winemaker Cardiff Scott-Robinson, is able to provide some clarity. Read on for his responses to a few common questions about Red Blends and the craft of blending Napa Valley wines.

1. What is a Red Blend wine?
A Red Blend is a wine that consists of multiple varieties of grapes blended together in specific proportions to craft a wine with a desired style in mind.

2. Why do you select multiple varietals?
Different varietals provide different flavor profiles, tannin structures, acidity levels and color intensity.

3. Can you blend red and white wines together?
Yes, some white wine can be added to increase the floral aromatics on the final blend. You can also add white grapes to a red ferment, like our Paraduxx Winemaker Series Co-Ferment, to help stabilize the color and bring more of the white aromatics into the wine.

4. What makes Napa Valley Blends special?
The vast micro-climates of the Napa Valley allow for diverse grape varieties with diverse ripening times. This allows us many options to play with and make the ideal wine blend from a variety of fruit selections.

5. What is fun or unique about crafting Paraduxx Red Blends versus single varietal wines?
The opportunity to fill in the gaps that a single varietal may have in any given year. The freedom to craft an ideal balanced wine. No restrictions allow the art of the blend to shine in elegant and compelling wines.


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